Zodiac’s Vintage Store Now On Etsy!

Hello Vintage wear lovers! We have a special announcement for all you Etsy fans out there. Our store is now open for business on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/vintagezodiacstore! Right now we do not have much inventory to show off, but will be adding in the coming weeks so stay tuned! Also we have more inventory coming in here soon and you all will be the first to know! Thanks so much for all your support!

Peace and Love,

Zodiac's Vintage Clothing


The Zodiac Vintage store now open 24/7 for your shopping convenience. We offer men’s and women’s vintage clothing in several categories such as jeans, shirts, suits and belts for men, and jeans, tops, and bags for the ladies. There is also miscellaneous items in apparel accessories for both men and women, plus a few items for the home. Hope you become our regular visitor as we appreciate your time.