Return Policy


Vintage Clothing standards of the 1970s tend to be a tighter fit than the looser clothing of today’s attire due to the cut of the pant or jean. You may need to pick one size up to assure a proper fit. (ie: if you wear a 32 waist in today’s jeans a 33 or 34 waist maybe needed to aduequately fit.) .

Since there is not an aid to a dressing room, we ask you please measure yourself before purchase and give us your measurements to determine the best fit for you. This includes your waist, hip, and knee size. The Hip size is an important determinant, in addition to the waist and length, to make sure you will fit in the appropriate jean or pant. For more information on measuring yourself consort .

All Clothing is measured prior to your shipment to make sure the item is the size you ordered. Most of the online store inventory is based upon the manufacturer’s tag size or others without tags are based on personal measurements . Some jeans will be tighter than others in the waistline. For example some maybe a 30 waist on the money and some may have some extra leeway and be a 30 and 1/2. We always ship your merchandise exactly the size you ordered . If you have any questions once again on a specific size please contact us .


Some jeans, pants, and clothing will vary in condition being all merchandise is over 30 years old . Some will have slight small discolorations and minor tears as anyone would expect from being in hibernation since the early 1970s . However every item shipped is in great overall physical condition as all have Never Been Worned nor used .

Being we go through over 100s of new clothing attire every week, it is an extremely difficult task to monitor every clothing item until an inquiry is made by contacting us on a specific size on a particular item or an order is placed.

We at Zodiac’s Vintage Clothing will, to the best of our ability, correct and fix these on a one to one basis to make sure your shipped merchandise is to your satisfaction . We can assure you they will be in a great wearable condition as all of our clothing attire has Never Been Worn or Used . Please do not expect these all to look brand new or perfect as they are all over 30 years old and some are expected to have unfixable minor issues . However even with these items that contain these minor imperfections, the overall apperance is of fantastic quality and superb overall look. We can back that up with over 100s of satisfied customers and a perfect ebay rating. We invite you to click here to review our ebay rating and you will undoubtedly see that people are extremely satisfied with our impeccable service and merchandise.

We will not ship or sell merchandise, unless authorized by the buyer, that has major issues with the wear of the clothing item. Most items with major problems (ie big tears, bad discoloration) are denoted in the store on their physical condition. Please contact us for more info on a particular size.


We do not offer refunds on purchases. However, we will work with you on exchanging your item for another size granted you supply s/h costs for shipping the item back and us shipping the new item to you plus if there is any major difference in price between the two items.

If you have any questions to this policy, we welcome your emails by contacting us.